The smartest solutions to manage your human ressources and increase your medical department efficiency.
Spend less time with administrative tasks and discover a new way to increase your service efficiency with our unique all-in-one HR application. Easier, smarter, quicker.
Easy management at your fingertips
Discover innovative and unique features to help you improve your medical department efficiency.
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Plan your work demand easily
Forget your pen, your eraser and your paper ! Thanks to MD ManagementⓇ, organizing your work demand has never been so easy. Choose a post to occupy and select desired days with adapted recurrence. That's all, you can go to the next step !
How it works in 2min
Watch our short video and quickly understand MD ManagementⓇ.
Our main goal is to help you optimize your service management and save you precious time ! That's why we have created a small animation so that you easily understand the benefits of our management application. It only takes 2 minutes and could save you so much more...

Why using our app ?
Save time, money, increase your efficiency and dedicate yourself to your main job : medicine.
Average time spent for HR Management (per week)
Average of 2 working days per week spent for administrative tasks
Average of 1,5 working days saved with MD ManagementⓇ
Average of 1/2 working days spent for quality administrative tasks with MD ManagementⓇ
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