🎉 A great tool to manage your medical schedule and your on-call schedule !

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Building your medical schedule and/or your call schedule is often a complicated task, unrewarding and yet of great importance! While most have understood the value of digitizing schedules by swapping paper for computer resources, few medical teams still have access to software that meets the reality of the field and many are those who still lose many hours with a good old spreadsheet. Good news, we have a solution 😊

[TVCom] MD Management, a program in the service of health

😬 Is medical planning a headache?

The issue of hospital staff planning is not new. Although the health crisis linked to COVID-19 has further complicated this, professionals and doctors have been struggling for many years to find an effective solution that takes into account all the specificities inherent in the health sector . Management of demand, rooms, call duty, recuperation days, absences, holidays, illnesses, unforeseen events, flexible hours, staff fatigue or special wishes and requests, there are many constraints that complicate the planning of health professionals.

planning medical logiciel planification médecin infirmier soignant workload charge de travail MD Management personnel soignant médical medical medecin burnout fatigue
Fig 1 - Gestion des contraintes d'un planning médical

🧐 We have the solution to simplify your planning!

Online software to manage your medical schedule and your call schedule? We dreamed of it 20 years ago. Faced with the same difficulties, we decided to roll up our sleeves and use our experience in IT to facilitate the planning of doctors, nurses and other actors in the hospital environment. Accompanied by an experienced team, Soft4Doc was born and the management software has since been tested in several medical departments, optimized based on the requests of the main stakeholders and adapted into a completely redesigned web application - MD Management - free of any installation and compatible with any department or hospital group.

planning medical logiciel planification médecin workload charge de travail MD Management personnel soignant médical medical medecin burnout fatigue
Fig 2 - Simplification de la planification

🤔 Why MD Management?

What could be better than an application from the field and created by those who needed it? If our application could have been easily transposed to other sectors, Soft4Doc decided to stay focused on healthcare and continue the development of MD Management closer to the customer. This is why our planning and management software continues to evolve thanks to testimonials and requests from hospitals that are already using it. A permanent exchange which remains essential in our eyes and which comforts us in the idea that your future medical planning will be optimal.

workload charge de travail MD Management personnel soignant médical medical medecin burnout fatigue
Fig 3 - Planification des tâches avec MD Management

😃 Looking for a feature? We must have created it!

When marketing our application, our biggest challenge was to offer software capable of meeting the demand of a large number of healthcare teams from different environments. Because if generating a medical schedule is already complicated in itself, it is even more difficult to adapt it to the constraints and demands of each, each hospital often having its own mode of operation and its own needs. Over the years, we have constantly taken care to complete our software with functionalities that made it possible to meet everyone's needs without changing the habits and needs of our customers. So much so that today, when a customer asks us about the existence of a feature, we have often already created it!

workload charge de travail MD Management personnel soignant médical medical medecin burnout fatigue
Fig 4 - Ligne du temps sur le profil utilisateur

🚀 How about testing it yourself?

Want a simple free demo or a trial over a fixed period? Our application is available immediately, everywhere and without installation required. A single internet connection is sufficient. So why not try ? We offer trials without any commitment and are attentive to your needs! For more information, contact us via the “Contact” tab or via info@soft4doc.com!

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