An app that helps you build an optimal schedule in order to avoid burnout

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Building a schedule that suits caregivers, doctors and other health workers and which perfectly matches the demand for care is a puzzle and can have major consequences such as exhaustion professional, also called "burn-out".

After more than 20 years of optimization in the field and listening to nursing staff, Soft4Doc was born 3 years ago with the aim of providing software assistance to guarantee a balanced schedule and which takes into account their physical and mental stress.

Consider caregiver fatigue when planning with MD Management

MD Management, our online software, not only makes it easy to plan doctors and health care teams, it also offers the possibility of placing them in the best place and at the best time. This was made possible using algorithms from artificial intelligence which follow the path of each caregiver and collect a lot of data from their personal requests and the evolution of their professional skills.

In this way, each doctor and member of the healthcare team have a personal profile on which they can not only view their schedule but also send their feelings, their well-being, their availability, leave requests, wishes, preferences, remarks, etc. All this data is collected in real time by MD Management and synchronized with their work habits in order to provide the manager with an index relevance for each caregiver. This index allows him to choose the most suitable doctors and nurses when establishing schedules.

Administrative burdens are therefore extremely simplified and each member of the team has the best possible schedule in view of their personal constraints and their state of well-being. The scheduler and/or the department manager can even check the physical and mental fatigue of each employee and decide to relieve one whose perceived load is too high.

workload charge de travail MD Management personnel soignant médical medical medecin burnout fatigue
Fig 1 - Évaluation de la charge de travail et du ressenti des soignants

Having made available to your team a recording of the perception of nursing staff and allowing an analysis according to their assignments is an initiative that demonstrates the commitment to these values for hospital managers and directors .

MD Management is a completely innovative online medical team planning and organization software that takes into account often forgotten human parameters for the benefit of efficiency. With this software for healthcare professionals, the creation of schedules is extremely simplified, the balance between supply and demand is maintained and total team satisfaction is ensured.

[TVCom] MD Management, a program in the service of health

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