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Smart and collaborative management of your team

Build the best medical planning for your care team

With MD Management, building a balanced schedule is child's play! Plan the opening of your wards on one or more sites and receive the availability of your nursing staff in real time. Use intelligent suggestions to assign tasks and shifts to your team and monitor the operation of the department from your dashboard.

Centralise and manage all requests

A new exchange or leave request? You are immediately alerted and can make a decision thanks to dedicated tools. MD Management helps you make a choice and shows you to what extent this could destabilise the organisation of your team. Once you have made your decision, the changes are implemented in real time and the key people involved are notified by SMS and/or email.


There are 3 new applications for leave !

Take a decision
Your leave request has been approved by your manager !

Monitor the well-being and fatigue of your carers

Thanks to an innovative interface entirely dedicated to well-being and workload, identify possible mental and/or physical overloads, easily correct irregularities and rebalance your schedule. Each caregiver has tools to easily communicate about their well-being and has graphs and metrics to help them avoid overload.


Let your team express and organize themselves

Easily organise your upcoming weeks by taking into account all your comments, wishes and planning constraints. Add your availability to your calendar and help your manager to take your wishes into account. Set reminders or view schedules by logging into your personal page. Give or exchange tasks with your colleagues via an ultra-modern tool and be notified as soon as one of them has reacted.

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Meets exactly all the needs of a medical department

Designed in the field by doctors

MD Management is based on collaboration between all team members. Managers benefit from a management platform to easily organise schedules according to well-being, needs, availability and requests collected via the nurses' and doctors' accounts. Everyone contributes to the balance of the schedule and the well-being of the team!

Let the best people work at the right time with our smart workload metrics.
Application suitable for hospital groups and multi-site management.
Multi-list on-call management taking into account recovery days.
Autonomous encoding of planning wishes and special requests for each member.
Complete and simple dashboard to check the daily functionning of your department.
Offer or exchange tasks with your coworkers.
Smart suggestions for scheduling the best caregiver at the best time.
Control balance between supply & demand at any time with our smart assistant.

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Quick overview

Integrates all the characteristics of your service

From small to large teams, from private hospitals to hospital networks, our online platform adapts to all departments and all specialties. Emergencies, operating theaters, general medicine, radiology, laboratories, ... organize your schedules and plan your healthcare team in the best way

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